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Leslye and Antony| Wedding | Breaux Vineyards | Purcellville, Virginia |

Oct 1, 2019

Not too long ago, these two met, fell in love, and began their life together as husband and wife.

…Wait a minute, Stefanie…

Yes, these two actually renewed their vows in front of their closest friends and family in the most gorgeous setting: a vineyard with beautiful Virginia mountains in the backdrop. And it was glorious.

Leslye and Antony originally had a civil ceremony less than 10 years ago. Instead of having their dream celebration right away, they focused on finishing their degrees and buying a home before planning a bigger wedding celebration. As deep lovers of red wine, it was only fitting that they selected Breaux Vineyards for their wedding venue.

From their booking until their wedding – and now they will have the fun part of photo selection for their album – I’ve been able to get to know Leslye and Antony personally. I have bonded with this couple in ways that make me so thankful I get to do what I do.

When Leslye and I first met, I felt like we were kindred spirits. Not is her background in nursing – one of my former career paths – but she had a similar story to my husband and myself; we married in a courthouse too and hoped for a bigger wedding later. It was also then I learned that had a sister – Stephanie.

I have a sister named Lesley.

To make matters more interesting, Antony, her husband, has a love for Batman. Batman’s character is inspired by one of my favorite poets: Lord Byron. Seriously, google Byronism. It is a thing. Antony personally invited me to see hit Batcave to which I saw a couple a weeks ago at their wedding rehearsal BBQ.

Congratulations, Leslye and Antony! It was an honor to be your wedding photographer.


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