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New Year, New Blog

Sep 17, 2019

Dear SKP friends, family, and couples:

I would like to officially welcome you back to my blog which may seem weird because some of you have just started following me since I quietly launched my new website last month. To the people that followed me from the start, I left many of you scratching their heads: Where did your massive portfolio go? I’ve had a couple of my brides ask me this because they saw a photo they liked when they first booked me and now it isn’t there to reference. Love you ladies, it is coming back soon!

Future couples: Email me to see more work. I would love to share full galleries with you-

Earlier this year, I knew one of my goals was to move website platforms. My previous platform didn’t offer much in customization and as I enter a new market of clients photography clients, I needed a new site to showcase my work the best possible. Which is why I moved to Showit.

Many industry leaders argue that if you aren’t updating your blog, don’t show it on your homepage to which I did; I removed it in March when I couldn’t keep up and new this transition would happen. And it finally did, 3 months earlier than I originally than I expected.

Unfortunately, this month’s discovery, the blog migration from my previous platform did not go as smoothly as I hoped. My CHO (Cheif Husband Officer) helped get things running here and I am forever grateful for his support and unwavering faith in me as I press on in running my own business.

My busy season is upon me and my goal is to blog my newest adventures (sessions, musings, educational topics for couples) then retro blog in the winter when things slow down.

Or will they?

So far, 2019 has been nothing more than a fruitful roller coaster filled with a lot of ups and a lot of low points.

Running a small business with two children in the house is a lot like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos at the same time. Oh, and we got a puppy this year #jesustakethewheel.

While I celebrate the fact that my business grew leaps and bounds – including my personal self – I also look back on the many lessons learned this year. Every wedding I walk away learning something new. It keeps one humble and it helps prepare for the wedding after that one.

My wedding photography package prices now reflect the experience I provide and the quality of image delivery that happens.

I would describe my wedding photos as light, bright, and crisp. Sometimes the crispness isn’t there, but the emotion is all the same. My friend Liz said it best, we deliver the B- photos alongside of the A+ Photos.

My goal as a wedding photographer is to deliver a gallery that will make you relive the emotions of your day as well. Another goal is to deliver photos that will stand the test of time.

Another big update to the SKP wedding experience? Every package now includes a photobook/album. Back in 2016, my friend Kate photographed me doing a flirty-30-cake smash.

Oh yes, that happened.

Something I invested in was absolutely bizarre, but necessary at the time: an album. God forbid my husband were to run for any type of government office, a scandal for sure. There was a bottle of champagne in the mix. No shame.

But what makes me the most excited about that album is that my kiddos will one day see their mom in a new light.

Now that I am running a business with kids at home, I slowly wonder where my old fun self went. I look back at those photos, happy I made that luxury investment. I think all couples should have an album of their wedding, something to show the generation after them and tell the story of their wedding day.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my story, I planned my wedding in a week and I eloped in a courthouse. I did not have a wedding photographer and this event took place at the dawn of the smartphone era. I have no album – or portraits – to look at with my children.

So now that I’ve aged myself…

This is my why to my business and my new – albeit long – slogan is: Every love story deserves its own storybook.

Next month, my husband and I celebrate 12 years of marriage.

As I continue on with 2019, I look forward to 2020. As it stands right now, I have five weddings on the books which a huge win. This time last year, I had one and now I am at capacity.

This blog will grow for sure as well as my portfolio as that continues to grow as well.


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