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Kristin and Reid | Cornerstone Chapel Microwedding | December 2020

Jan 6, 2021

Wedding 1/2 for December 12! While I miss the robust wedding days, I am loving these shorter wedding days and able to photograph more than one in a day!

What made this wedding so special is that it was all about family. I – Stefanie – personally know the father of the bride as he is a pastor at my former church. At my 20 week ultrasound with my son in 2018, the ultrasound technician found cysts on his brain. I immediately reached out to Mike, the father of the bride, asking for our family to be put on the prayer list. Without fail, Pastor Mike would email me to check-in on us and pray with me. After George was born, Pastor Mike visited us in the hospital, and held the baby he prayed everyday for. 

Fast forward to 2020, his daughter – Kristin – gets engaged to Reid and they are in need of a wedding photographer. 

It was a lovely ceremony officiated by Kristin’s dad with a brunch to follow. The guest count was on the smaller side of 30 – which I think is the PERFECT size for any wedding – which kept it intimate and safe. 

Congratulations, Kristin and Reid. May the Lord bless your marriage with happiness and grace. 

Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0002.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0001.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0005.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0028.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0003.jpg

Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0018.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0019.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0010.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0004.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0006.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0011.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0012.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0013.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0017.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0016.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0015.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0014.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0022.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0021.jpg

Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0020.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0007.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0025.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0027.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0026.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0008.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0024.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0030.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0031.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0023.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Kristin_and_Reid_Microwedding_Leesburg_Virginia_0009.jpg


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