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Allie and Brian | Adventure Elopement | Northern Virginia

Jun 7, 2020

COVID and wedding planning….enough said. After rescheduling their wedding for the second time, these two decided they couldn’t wait.

Disclaimer: I am not their original wedding photographer 🙂

Allie and Brian found their way to me after only a day of searching for a wedding photographer. There wasn’t much time from booking their elopement to the actual day-of. I remember asking the groom over the phone during our consult, “Brian, what is the most important thing about your photos?”

“All I want is for Allie to be happy.”

Plan A. Plan B. Plan C.

That is so many of my own couples this year. Happiness just being together should always be your Plan A. No matter how big or how small your wedding day.

Always go with Plan A.

“Allie, are you happy?” I asked at the end of our time together. “Yes, I am.”

Congratulations to these two. We hiked for 30 minutes up and 30 minutes down from the mountain. And at the bottom of the mountain? The trail keeper playing her fiddle and this couple danced their first dance to it. What an amazing day!


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