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A Dogwood Lane Bridal Editorial | Alexandria, Virginia

Mar 23, 2021

While I absolutely love what I do, sometimes I enjoy photographing for myself. 

What I mean by this is that I enjoy photographing beautiful things just to photograph them. Wedding days are lovely, filled with emotions, gorgeous details, and love….but I need time to focus (literally) on learning new skills and trying new techniques with my camera. For this shoot? I shot wide-open most of the time and slowed my shutter speed so images could capture moving objects blurred. 

If you are familiar with my style, you are aware that I like true frozen frame moments with crispness. I tried a softer approach for these images and plan to use this technique more during portrait and detail time during weddings. 

Dogwood Lane, owned by the infamous Kir Tuben, is now an obsession. I say infamous because her work is well known in the DMV area and she inspires me to tackle film photography one of these days. 

My friend Erinne was gracious enough to invite me along to this editorial she planned in the matter of a few days as she knew I was itching to do editorial work. What transpired was magical and so uplifting. Without a doubt, I am excited to do another editorial again AND be bolder with trying new camera techniques on wedding days. 


Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0001.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0002.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0003.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0014.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0007.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0006.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0015.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0013.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0010.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0012.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0011.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0004.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0005.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0008.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Dogwood_Lane_Alexandria_Virginia_Bridal_Editorial_0009.jpg

Vendor Team
Planning: Elosino Photo
Photography Above: Me!
Venue: Dogwood Lane, Alexandria, Virginia
Hair: Styled for Elegance
Make-up: JTA Artistry
Dresses: Delana Formals + Arden Bridal
Rings: Balacia Official
Florals: Chic Girl Flowers
Models: Celina + Kathleen


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