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Erikka and John | A St. Sophia’s Greek Orthdox Microwedding | Washington, DC

Feb 10, 2021

Here I thought Judy and Billy’s wedding on December 12, 2020 was my last wedding of 2020…In comes an email from Erikka stating that she needed a wedding photographer and the wedding is in 5 days. Their orginial wedding photographer came down with COVID and she needed a new one right away.

No problem at all! We were able to make a quick connection and a few days later, I drove to DC for definitely the last wedding of 2020 as this wedding took place on New Year’s Eve. I’m always up for an adventure!

Erikka and John exchanged rings at St. Sophia’s Greek Orthodox Church in DC in front of their immediate family members. Because of the newer restrictions with COVID, this was by far the most intimate wedding of 2020 with family in attendance.

As a photographer, I soaked up the beauty of the church and the people in front of my camera. Erikka and John’s original plans didn’t work out (story of 2020, am I right?), and decided they couldn’t wait and that they wanted to complete their family. How adorable is their daughter as the flower girl?! Not only that, but Erikka’s family was in town from overseas and her dad walked her down the aisle, something she didn’t think would ever happen.

After their wedding, we focused on portraits only which was awesome! I can’t recommend this enough; a wedding then portraits. No cake, just photos! We Ubered to the Capitol right after formals at the church wrapped up then to Four Season’s Hotel where the couple had their first dance and walked into the Four Seasons ready for a meal.

I often wonder if this was the last bride and groom to have their portraits taken in front of the Capitol as the Insurrection happened a few days after this wedding.

Congratulations, Erikka and John. Thank you for letting me such an important part of your day.

Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0002.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0004.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0003.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0006.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0005.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0009.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0011.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0010.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0012.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0019.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0001.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0007.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0013.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0017.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0014.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0015.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0016.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0023.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0026.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0033.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0027.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0018.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0024.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0030.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0025.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0028.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0029.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0021.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0008.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0032.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0031.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0034.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0020.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0036.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0022.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0035.jpg
Stefanie Kamerman Photography_Erikka_and_John_St._Sophia's_Greek_Orthodox_Wedding_0037.jpg


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