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Help Me Remember #loretta

Feb 3, 2020

I sit here – on my couch – once again with tears streaming down my cheeks. Just last night, I sat in this exact same spot, doing the exact same thing when Google’s commercial played. I just watched it again so I could, what?


“Loretta said don’t miss me too much, get out of the dang house.”

And I just lose it all over again.

I think what hit home the most about this commercial is the weight of the reality that my own parents are aging and this particular commercial made me think of my own dad and the time he almost lost my mom to cancer.

Some called this advertisement creepy, others balled with me. After the first wave of tears subsided, I felt inspired to write this very post this morning in hopes that engaged couples out there will read it and start the process now.

More so, I have a deeper urgency to digitalize every photo of myself with my husband. We have no wedding photos and nothing to remember the day. Sadly, we do not have many professional photos of just the two of us. Ironically, I am a professional photographer.

“Help me remember when we finally took our honeymoon after 5 years of marriage.” Oh yes, we LOVED eating at that restaurant at the Ritz. Steve loved the orange juice and made an omelet every day.

Whether you are a beloved Alexa user; we love our Show It. Or a Google device owner, start the remembering process now simply by printing your photos and looking at them every day.


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